Rune defender or zammy book

Which is better an unholy book or a rune defeneder answers. Join us for game discussions, weekly events and skilling competitions. The mithril defender is a defender made out of mithril and is obtained by killing cyclopes. It is obtained from the horror from the deep quest. The armadyl book is better for range, and the ancient one is better for magic. Osrs gear picker tool pick any osrs items, view stats and share. Osrs gear compare tool compare any two osrs items side. The obby shield and rune defender both have the same str bonuses. Fremennik shield, damaged book, holy book, damaged book, unholy book. The community for old school runescape discussion on reddit. The zammy book is only useful for magic or ranged since it lacks any defensive bonuses.

Which is better an unholy book or a rune defeneder. Rune, rune t, rune g, sara, guthix, and zammy all have the same stats. For information on how to acquire a god book, see the god books article. Superior rune of the defender type upgrade component output qty. S starter mainpure, 81cmb, 70 att, str, hp, range, 45. Superior rune of the defender guild wars 2 wiki gw2w. Doesnt the zammy prayer book give worse attack and defense bonuses than either of the defender or shield. But what about the shield slot, should i use the defender for better attacks, or the unholy book for the higher prayer bonus. The unholy book is a book held in place of a shield, and is the god book aligned with zamorak. Rune defender guide commentary runescape 2007 old school. Actually, if i could do it again, i wouldnt bother getting the zammy book. I would recommend the rune defender it usually gives a good amount of bonuses for melee and other skills. Zamoraks book of chaos is the holy book of zamorak which, when equipped, can grant you a prayer bonus. Tome of fire, training shield, twisted buckler, unholy book, white kiteshield.

Mithril defender, adamant defender, rune defender, defensive shield, training. The bandos book is better if youre a pure, and the dragon defender is arguably better than the unholy book even when youre praying. It can be filled with the 4 pages obtained from treasure trails, granting attack bonuses and the ability to preach lines from the book. Rune defender or unholy book answered, please lock. This book can be useful for melee training for low level players that dont have access to defenders or the obsidian.

Zamoraks book of chaos runescape item runehq forums. I was looking on this site for some cool knex swords and i saw that someone made a zamorak godsword from the game. This guide details how to obtain a dragon defender from the warriors guild. The zamorak unholy book provides the best allaround attack bonuses of the original three. Rune defender, rune kiteshield, rune sq shield, snakeskin shield, spectral.

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