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The plc is made up of the senior patrol leader, who presides over the meetings, the assistant senior patrol leader, all patrol leaders, and the troop guide. The troop scribe also attends to take notes and keep the minutes. Font from a primary kind of life apl rainbow rug apl starhoader apl positive pants quotes can be changed using this font. Most effective plc teams could certainly add more to this recipe from their own. The patrol leaders council plans the yearly troop program at the annual planning conference. See appendices b1, b2, and b3 for template, exemplar and nonexemplar. Share evidence of how the strategy help addressed the smart goal our challenge. Patrol leaders council meeting agenda activity run by actions opening and call to order senior patrol leader pledge of allegiance scout oath scout law roll call and reading of the plc log troop scribe roll call read minutes from previous plc meeting patrol reports patrol lead. A plc may have as many or as few roles as they would like. Professional learning communities plc and how to use them. The small groups of teachers, versus one large faculty meeting, are used to focus in on student achievement, as well as the teacher behaviors that bring about changes. Plc activity specific contentactions for that specific meeting. The first essential part is to come up with proper header.

Assistant senior patrol leader aspl is a member of the plc and fills in for the spl as needed. If you can automate this process via templates and email, youll be the better for it. The plc is composed of the following voting members. When staff return, they should read minutes from all missed meetings. Data is an integral part of each plc meeting so make sure it is ready for sharing and discussion.

Monthly data meeting facilitators guide 40minute meeting template. Plcs look different depending on the group, school, or district that is working together. Download meeting agenda template online if you are really eager to make up the template by yourself, then you can adopt few necessary steps. The plc is the troops elected and duly appointed governing body. Up to now the scoutmaster probably observed the patrol leaders council meeting and asked a question or two, but otherwise allowed you to run the meeting and guide the agenda.

General plc agenda template coming soon pdsa form pdsa form with questions 40minute meeting. Patrol leaders council plc troop leader resources boy scouts. Sample plc meeting agenda professional learning communities. The chairman explained the procedures for handling matters on the agenda of the meeting. Level 1 retrieval level 2 comprehension level 3 analysis level 4 knowledge utilization prerequisite skills. An unprepared meeting also results to waste of company expense. Professional learning communities plc are not a new idea.

Plc team members will provide examples of how specific plc efforts were implemented in the classroom and its impact on student learning. However, the plc meeting is not the time to read them. It is a common mistake among organizations to jump right into a meeting without proper preparations, which ultimately results in waste of time. Professional learning communities plc and how to use. Both formative and summative assessments should be used to measure progress toward the goal. The secret to a perfect business meeting is to prepare a perfect meeting agenda examples. This plc roadmap lays out a powerful agenda for a 45 minute plc could be adjusted for other time periods. The troop committee interacts with the plc through the scoutmaster.

At the conclusion of each meeting you will need to give meeting minutes to your administrator. You may need the free acrobat reader to access information presented in pdf format. Albemarle county public schools 401 mcintire road charlottesville, va 22902 4342965820. Wellpresented and productive plc meetings lead to positive results.

Here youll find samples of tools you can copy and distribute freely within your team, school, and district to guide your work. Cte plc structure meeting type frequency time wiggio virtual meetings biweekly 2 meetings per month 40 minutes release time face to face quarterly 2 hours each plc team must document the following for each session. Plc meeting agenda opening and call to order start the meeting on time with a simple opening ceremony such as reciting the scout oath or pledge of allegiance. Should be given to all team members and support staff at. Start the meeting on time with a simple opening ceremony such as reciting the scout oath or. Remember these are not exemplar examples but base examples merely as a point of reference for you. Team meeting agenda meeting agenda template school leadership educational leadership leadership activities instructional strategies instructional coaching professional learning communities professional development. Representing grade level team during the guiding coalition meetings. This is accomplished by assigning roles to the group members. I recommend that you consider developing your own agenda template or using the meeting minutes template found in this handbook.

Troop 29 wilmington delaware red clay creek presbyterian. Reading disposition of minutes shannon 5 min minutes read and accepted. Editable a cute and organized meeting agenda and minutes form. Real agenda template coming soon real protocol template coming soon. The formative assessments inform the teacher of student progress as the.

Work planner meeting planner planner pages team meeting agenda planner sheets planner ideas business meeting business planning planners meeting plannerorganizerworksheet template c has developed a template for meeting. Assessing the patrol leaders council meeting immediately following a meeting of the patrol leaders council, take a. Having meeting minutes template in your hand can surely act as a piece of reference when you plan to prepare agenda for meeting. As a closing to the meeting, the scoutmaster can share some constructive thoughts on what has happened and offer an upbeat, supportive scoutmasters minute to provide a. Each plc team must document the following for each session. For additional information and a further perspective about the patrol leaders council, refer to the troop leader guidebook vol. Plcs look different depending on the group, school, or district that is.

Plc members filling in blank spots on the tro op meeting plans can. With the help of the senior patrol leader, patrol leaders can finalize which patrol or troop leaders will be accountable for each portion of the meetings. Troop resource survey boy scouting is for adults as well as boys. Troop meeting planning each plc member should have copies of the troop meeting plans for the coming month. Notes documenting group work and plans for next meeting. Professional articles should be read outside the meeting time frame. Discussed create goals for next plc entire group 5 minutes we will talk our new writing block, procedures and our weekly writing prompts. The following documents are designed to help you plan your plc meetings. We invite you to share your skills and interests so the best possible program can be developed for the boy scouts in this troop.

An agenda may also be applicable for school purposes, such as a meeting agenda. It is a handy practice to map our your plc meetings for a whole term. Professional learning communities are strengthened when educators collaborate and share solutions. We discussed how our week has been going and what we noticed during assessments. In order to be productive, it is imperative that the members of the plc assume responsibility for making the groups time effective.

Document this decision on the iep team meeting notes under pwn. Team meeting agendameeting agenda templateschool leadershipeducational. Should be given to all team members and support staff at least a day in advance. An agenda is a valuable tool for keeping a meeting on task. Meeting template professional templates part 10 professional templates school leadership, educational leadership. The plc has a highly coordinated, sequential system of interventions in place.

These meetings are held in order to make the people of organizations aware about the new projects, upcoming tasks, resolving a problem or sharing views and reports. Free plc meeting packet by cindy park this is a basic packet to use for organizing and recording your plc meetings. Plc facilitator training 2014, 2015, 2016 new plc facilitators august 2016. This is to ensure that participants remain aware and informed of the discussions that would take place. Leadership academy presentation 20 plc facilitator webinar 20 webinar on curriculum development and plcs 20 powerpoint from webinar 20 powerpoint on plc purpose and format 20 plc conversation video 20. Plc meeting agenda fillable troop meeting planning sheet fillable project planning worksheet.

Use these resources to inspire, organize, plan, measure, and celebrate your plc journey. Lakeville area public schools plc handbook page 11 modi. As a closing to the meeting, the scoutmaster can share some constructive thoughts on what has happened and offer an upbeat, supportive scoutmasters minute to provide a sense of completion to the proceedings. Tell students that as they engage in the meeting, they must o stick to the agenda. The subsequent sharing of the articles contents should not take more than five minutes of the meeting. You may find that you deviate from the plan but at least you have a framework on which to base your journey.

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