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Government should be won through a process of free. Turkeys president, recep tayyip erdogan, blames him for last weeks failed military coup. Must read books on sufism online ebooks you cannot become a sufi mystic. In particular, as we delved deeper into the details concerning the gulen movement, it became obvious that the carefullycultivated external image of harmony, interfaith dialogue, and tolerance promoted by the gulenists, in fact, masks a far. Sufism tasawwuf has played a major role in gulens life and spiritual. For more on this, see mustafa gokcek, fethullah gulen and sufism. Overflowing with divine love and getting along with all other beings in the realisation originating from. Browse the independents complete collection of articles and commentary on fethullah gulen. Download for offline reading, highlight, bookmark or take notes while you read key concepts in practice of sufism.

Was a plan to overthrow turkeys government really hatched behind a gated compound in a small, leafy pennsylvania town, or is that merely a smoke screen. Fethullah gulen and the gulen movement in 100 questions. Gulen s informative analysis of sufi ideas is a must read for those who seek a understanding of the dynamics of sufism. Bismi allahirrahmanirrahim the word sufi is derived from the arabic word suf which means. Who is fethullah gulen, the man blamed for coup attempt in. The hardcover of the key concepts in the practice of sufism vol. Key concepts in the practice of sufism1 fethullah gulen. He presents himself and his movement as the modernday version of tolerant, liberal anatolian sufism and has used the literature of great sufi thinkers such as jalal addin rumi and yunus emre, pretending to share their moderate teachings. In 2012, 60 minutes examined why gulen is in the u. For gulen, sufism is a form of selfpurification leading to inner dimension of islamic rituals, a deeper understanding of the divine acts. Fethullah gulen, along with many of the turks operating in america, is a sufi muslim.

Turkey orders 176 soldiers detained over gulen ties. In the meantime, fethullah gulen managed to establish lighthouses and created a web of networks to realize his dream of cultivating a new generation of religious revivalists yavuz, 20, p. Phil in oriental studiesmodern middle eastern studies. He started with these newly democratized countries because of their ethnic closeness.

Essentials of the islamic faith fethullah gulens official web site. Sufism shows its significant existence in the spread of islam to. A historical perspective, in hunt and aslandogan eds. From14 march 2003 28 august 2014, erdogan was the prime minister of his country, turkey. Government should be won through a process of free and fair elections, not force, gulen wrote in a july statement distributed by the alliance for shared values, a u. Gage has been involved with the middle east since the 1950s. Muhammed fethullah gulen was born in the village of korucuk, near erzurum, to ramiz and refia gulen, there is some confusion over his birth date. This research was inspired by the problem of the mercy of islam which is reduced in the contemporary era, on the one side, and awareness of the islamic preaching sufism of m. Pdf hizmet is the most globalized, transnational islamic movement. Gulens sufism is greatly influenced by sufi kurdish quranic scholar said. Key concepts in the practice of sufism2 fethullah gulens official. Some accounts, usually older ones, give it as 10 november 1938, while others give 27 april 1941. Fethullah gulen ebooks epub and pdf downloads ebookmall.

In this volume, gulen looks at fifty different concepts. With an introduction on the heart and some of its dynamics, this work is a rich addition with more gates into. Cleric who leads global hizmet movement from exile in pennyslvania, us, is. From 28 august 2014 present, he has been the president of the country. Reaching true belief in gods divine oneness and living in accordance with its demands. With an introduction on the heart and some of its dynamics, this work is a rich addition with more gates into spirituality. In the second half of 1980s, fethullah gulens vision for a better world through a better education lead him to put forward a new proposal for his audience.

Many observed that erdogan got some of these achievements relatively easily due to his attachment with m. Turkish president erdogan says the exiled cleric is responsible for this summers coup. Delving deeper into the soul of islam and the definition of spirituality, this third volume examines the. Muslim and nonmuslim artists from various countries, who were free to pick, and. All traditional arguments for gods existence, fethullah gulen. Fethullah gulens initiatives in the contemporary world.

Divine decree and destiny, and human free will, fethullah gulen. Fethullah gulen is known and respected among turkish muslims as well as muslims from around the world as an authoritative mainstream muslim scholar of the sunni tradition, to which 8790% of the worlds muslim population belongs. Sufism and its origins by fethullah gulen sufism requires the strict observance of all religious obligations, an austere lifestyle, and the renunciation of carnal desires. Through this method of spiritual selfdiscipline, the individuals heart is purified and his or her senses and faculties are employed in the way of god, which means that. Sufism and fethullah gulen fethullah gulens official. T his book is the second volume of the emerald hills of the heart series, which brings out a comprehensive and unique examination of concepts and terms associated with sufism in islam.

Fethullah gulen was born in a small village near turkeys erzurum province in 1941. Factors influencing fethullah gulens understanding of sufism. These individuals closest to gulen, having degrees from theology schools, are offhandedly referred to within the movement as mullahs. Turkish islams more adaptable and less doctrinal sufi traditions have enabled turkey, with its democratization, free market economy, and secular political system, to incorporate aspects of modernity barely found elsewhere in the muslim world. Life after death windows onto the faith series by m. Gulens father ramiz gulen was an imam in the region and his mother, refia gulen, was the primary caregiver of the family and a major influence on mr. The gulen movement center for security policy home. Sufism is the path followed by sufis to reach the truth. Thomas michel, sufism and modernity in the thought of fethullah gulen, the muslim world, vol. Sufism is an order of islam that, while not completely unorthodox, is a mystic experiential type sect, that is not much. Finally, a concise reading of his compilation, key concepts in the practice of sufism iii, will be presented.

He is also a thinker, a poet, a prolific author, an educational activist and an opinion leader. The inspiration of this movement includes education, interfaith and. Gulens informative analysis of sufi ideas is a must read for those who seek a understanding of the dynamics of sufism. For gulen, sufism is a form of selfpurification leading to inner dimension of islamic rituals, a deeper understanding of the divine acts, and a greater knowledge and love of the divine. Pdf on jan 1, 2007, ihsan yilmaz and others published peaceful coexistence. Istanbul turkey issued an arrest warrant on thursday for fethullah gulen, a muslim cleric based in the united states, who was accused last month of orchestrating a failed coup against the. Above all, he has signified the tolerant nature of sufism by the three principles of sufism, as overflowing with divine love and getting along with all other beings in the realization originating from divine love that the universe is a cradle of brotherhood. Fethullah gulen is a turkish muslim cleric who lives in selfimposed exile in pennsylvania. Ankara accuses usbased religious leader fethullah gulens network of masterminding a coup attempt in july 2016. Fethullah gulen emerged from an environment in which the sufi life was both exemplified in practice and taught in theory. Who is fethullah gulen, the man erdogan blames for coup. Fethullah gulen ebooks epub and pdf format fethullah gulen ebooks. In addition, sizinti, the hms sufismoriented monthly periodical, began publication in 1979. Muhammed fethullah gulen born 27 april 1941 is a turkish islamic scholar, preacher, and a.

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